June 17, 2024

Woman Goes Viral As She Begs Hubby For Sex |Video

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Woman Goes Viral As. A woman on social media has gone viral after a video of her begging her husband to come and chew her went viral. In this video, the woman, who is already in bed, calls upon her husband.

However, she is known as Taata Siko, and the woman asked if she wanted to jig jig with her. Apparently the husband looks not so on the rush, and this prompts her to send him a stark warning.

She tells him to come and slice her before she goes to sleep. This is because she doesn’t want to sleep, and then he comes bothering her, asking for beans.

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Despite her pleas and requests for her baby daddy to come and sacrifice her, he still doesn’t come, which prompts her to sleep. This has left social media users in a debate, wondering if it’s right for couples to post such content.

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In conclusion, others said that despite this woman saying she’s not interested after she sleeps, it’s the contrary. And the moment the man comes and touches her, she will first pretend to be asleep and not wanting. But if he persists, she will just let him slide in, and this is the best in the wee hours of the night.

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