June 17, 2024

I’m The Best Artiste Of 2023 – Spice Diana Confirms

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Songstress Hajarah Namukwaya, alias Spice Diana, has named herself the best artist of the current year, 2023, which will be climaxing in a few days. It should be noted that this year has seen several singers perform relatively well.

However, when asked about who she thinks has been the standout performer, the Siri Regular singer crowned herself the best. She said that the rest can follow, depending on their fans.

Diana told uncoveredug news reporters that “I would easily pick myself as the best artist this year. The rest I don’t know, but their fans can choose them accordingly. For my best artists this year, I would choose David Lutalo, King Saha, Carol Nantongo, Rema Namakula, and Karole Kasita. The rest, I can’t clearly remember  them.”

Furthermore, she named the best concerts she’s been to this year. The first one was her Spice Diana Live in concert, which ushered in the year way back in January. Others she named included King Saha’s and David Lutalo’s.

Besides, she was also asked about her best singers this year, and she named quite a number of them. Some of the names she named included Carol Nantongo, David Lutalo, and Rema Namakula, among others.

In conclusion, she appreciated Ugandans for their continued support and called upon them to do the same next year. She said that despite there being several Nigerian concerts, Ugandans should prioritize their own first.

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