June 24, 2024

Kenyan Comedian Mulamwah survives Road Car Accident

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Kenyan comedian and content creator David Oyando, popularly known by his stage name Kendrick Mulamwah, has been involved in a nasty road car accident.

According to a credible news source, Mulamwah has been involved in a car accident at the Ngata Bridge near Nakuru. This incident all happened while he was traveling back to Nairobi from Eldoret.

Additionally, he noted that they managed to escape with minor injuries, though they still need your prayers as they continue to receive treatment.

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Mulamwah told uncoveredug news reporters that “we rolled several times trying to evade a car in front of us. My friends and I got out with little scratches.”.

Apparently, the comedian has urged his fans and all Kenyans to be very careful as we usher into the new year 2024.

In conclusion, many of his fans across all different social media platforms have sent in their prayers, wishing him a speedy recovery. Our news team is doing all we can to make sure we bring you more updates regarding this story.

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