July 20, 2024

Weghorst confirms joining Man United

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Manchester United have been hunting for the Striker ever since we went in the World Cup break. Negotiations have been taking place between Bestikas and Man United and they have confirmed that the Weghorst will join Manchester United soon.

Personal terms between the player and the Manchester United have been agreed so the player is expected to join them soon to replace Cristiano Ronaldo whose contract was terminated.

His goal after scoring for his Bestikas club was emotional and all signs were like the player is soon going to the best Club in England.

Uncovered news interacted with player and he said “I am ready to join the best coach and the best club in England and am ready to face another challenge”.

On Saturday we interacted with Erik Ten Hag and he said” Manchester United has been buying average players who fear to work under pressure but this time round we are going to buy quality players who are able to work under pressure and who are able to deliver. The team is only having one striker and that’s Martial and he is not consistent so we need to buy another back up striker who will be available incase Martial is absent.

Remember this weekend Manchester United are going to play against Man City that won Chelsea yesterday 4-0 in the FA Cup. so by the end of this week Weghorst will be a Manchester United Player.

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