May 24, 2024
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Not only in Ghana, but country wide Sulemana Abdul-Samed is now the tallest man in the whole world . He is also known as “Awuche” and he is currently  9 feet and 6 inches tall.

“Remember  in June 2015, Sulemana woke up from his bed and he realized that his tongue had enlarged that he could not breath properly and he was almost dying. he was forced to visit the hospital for medication and was given some drugs to reduce on the size of the tongue to enable him breath properly. He could not believe that drugs also reduce the size of the tongue”.

In additional to the above, every after three months Sulemana’s height increases daily and he is currently 9 feet and 6 inches  and he is still growing. Due to his fast growing rate he will soon reach 12 feet. What a great tall man Sulemana is!

Uncovered news interacted with tallest man “Sulemana Abdul-Samed” in the World and he said “every three or four months , I grow tall. If you see me after three or four months, you will realize that my height has increased from the previous one”.

According to the medical doctors where he gets medical treatment they said “Sulemana’s height is not normal. he has a medical condition called gigantism which makes him grow taller compared to the average height of a normal human being”.

Lastly, due to his height Sulemana is now a popular man in his Ghana. After realizing that he is the tallest man in the world, he is loved by very many popular people, young, old , men ,women and he is now a tourist attraction in Ghana.


written by @enock katamba

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