June 17, 2024
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Douglas Mayanja, commonly known as Weasel has trashed the rumor of having sired many children around the country. He said people have been spreading false rumors that he has so many children with different women.

When Weasel’s best friend Radio was still alive, it is said that they used to be with many women. Radio had children from three different women, two whites, and fellow singer Lilian Mbabazi, who has two children.

However, Weasel is a father of five and has a wife known as Sandra Teta. The two have been together for more than five years, although their relationship has been marred with controversy.

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For Weasel, it is not clear how many children he has. He only posts the three he has with his wife, Sandra.

Weasel told uncoveredug news reporters that “I have seen so many people on social media accusing me of having many and scattered children. I usually take it as a joke, but the truth is that I don’t have many children, and they are not scattered anywhere. All my children are with my family, and I see them so often.”.

According to the singer, he is always bullied on social media for having so many children, which is not true. He said he usually laughs them off; his family and wife know the truth.

In conclusion, the talented singer said he doesn’t have any scattered children; all his children are within his family, and he is happy about it.

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