April 24, 2024

Trapped Ugandans in Sudan to be given food

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The government of Uganda is trying to look for ways to distribute food relief to all Ugandans trapped in Sudan for on the on going war in  Khartoum.

Most Ugandans are hiding in different places to save their lives because the war is massive.

Even since Bashir left the presidency of that country there has been instability because army officers also have interest of ruling the country.

Dr Rashid Yahya Ssemuddu told us that “We are trying to identify delivery companies which can deliver food to homes because any movement in town comes at a very high risk. The supermarkets are still closed but we believe when we succeed with delivery companies, we shall share their contacts with all our citizens through social media,”.

He also added by saying that “Many Ugandans lack good shelter and clean water for drinking,”.

On Wednesday, daily monitor recorded that 300 Ugandans are stuck in the states of Khartoum.

The war has so far spent two weeks in Sudan but it has led to the destruction of property and lives among many people.

Dr. Ssemuddu added by saying that we are trying hard to deal with a good company that can distribute food stuffs to all Ugandans in that country.



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