July 20, 2024

The Top Chinese singers of all time

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“China is among the few countries on this planet that is not only good in producing good films but also they are good at singing. Chinese artists are known for going into the history and joining traditional aspects worth with modern music to create genres that continue to surprise the world”.

Here at uncovered ug, “we are going to take a look at the lives and the careers of the top five greatest and most famous Chinese singers of all times|.

Teresa Teng.

She was born in Baozhong, Yunlin, Republic of China and her talent was first recognized by her family that helped her to rise to fame where China got to know her.

There is no singer more iconic to Chinese music than Teresa Teng.

She pioneered the sound of the Mandopop genre and she made music in seven different languages and topped billboard charts across the world.

Her voice is unique that’s it first rose to popularity in Japan before dominating China.

2.Cui Jian
He was born in Beijing to a family that was already immersed in music. His father played trumpet and his mother danced professionally. It’s no surprise that Jian grew into the pioneering musician he is today. Cui Jian who is known across China as “the father of Chinese rock.”

Jian drew his inspiration from popular 80s rock artists and forged a rock genre that to this day, is still unique to China.
Li Yuchun (Chris Lee)
By his stage name “Chris Lee”, she is one of the most modern influential singers in China.

She writes her own music, and also a “D.J”as well as being a successful “actress”.

Further more she attended the Sichuan Conservatory of Music school and she went on to win a popular singing competition called the super Girl and that’s one of her achievements, she is happy of that even up to now. She released an album talking about the Chinese culture with her stunning vocals.

Here at uncovered ug, we are here to update you on whatever news that happens around the world, today we took you to China to show you how those people are talented.

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