June 14, 2024

Thomas Tayebwa introduces new guidelines of dress code in Parliament

Thomas Tayebwa introduces new guidelines of dress code in Parliament
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In a bid to uphold decorum and order in Parliament, Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa unveiled a series of dress code guidelines during a recent plenary session. He asserted that these measures are essential to protect the dignity of the House while encouraging cooperation among members.

One significant change is the dress code; the Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa has firmly addressed the issue of attire, stating that only suits will be allowed within the August House. He emphasized that what’s deemed “African shirts” should genuinely reflect African styles and not be merely purchased from abroad. Furthermore, he urged members to wear matching full suits, either safari-themed or similar, promoting a unified and dignified appearance.

Mr. Tayebwa also extended this call for dignity to women members, encouraging them to maintain a high level of decorum in their attire.

Another notable change involves attendance, as only those with special cases, such as injuries, will be allowed to attend sessions, provided they seek prior approval from the Speaker.

Additionally, the approach to the Speaker’s chair has been restricted. Henceforth, only three members—namely, the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, and the Government Chief Whip—are authorized to approach the Speaker.

These guidelines are expected to foster a more respectful and organized environment in Parliament, as members are urged to work together while respecting the rules and traditions of the House. The Deputy Speaker’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of the institution is clear, and these changes aim to strike a balance between tradition and progress, enhancing the effectiveness of parliamentary proceedings. 📜🇺🇬

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