May 24, 2024
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There has been news circulating on the internet of some Tik Toker Sean Musa of marrying Stellah, but here at uncovered news we seek for proof and correct information before posting any news on our platform. the two love birds have been dating one another for so long and they have been chewing themselves secretly but they made it official to the public that they are married.

Here uncovered news, our reporters got chance anc interacted with two couples and Musa told us that” I am going to love Stella until my last breath and he added by saying he will never stop loving her “, many slay queens left the place very early because they are no longer going to receive Musa’s big cassava any more.

More about Sean Musa

Sean is a Ugandan born and experienced journalist, content creator, through original video editing and commentary. He is also a website designer, digital market consultant, photographer and a renown YouTuber.

Lets take this pleasure to congulate the new couple in town and we pray that they remain as one because we have seeen many couples which end up in tears like the one of Vyone Nnakanaka and Dr. Cephco, so try to be different to be a good example to the new tiktokers

written by @enock katamba

Mr. katamba Enock: Professional designer with experience in web designing who started this activity in 2019 at Kyambogo University after graduation . Contact me on : (+256-758287080)

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