June 24, 2024

President Museveni Reinstates Geraldine Ssali

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President Yoweri Museveni has ordered the reinstatement of Geraldine Ssali, the former Permanent Secretary of Uganda’s Ministry of Trade, who was previously removed from her post following a damning parliamentary report. The report implicated Ssali in the misappropriation of UGX 6.2 billion intended for the rehabilitation of farmers’ housing, leading to strong discontent from Members of Parliament.

Apparently, the parliamentary report, which resulted in Ssali’s removal, revealed that she had halted the Ministry of Trade’s plan to rent Kingdom House at nearly UGX 8 billion annually, instead opting for the renovation of farmers’ housing, incurring a cost of UGX 6.2 billion. The report highlighted that the expenditure exceeded the actual work carried out, raising concerns about fiscal responsibility and the potential misuse of public funds.

Lucy Nakyobe, the Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet, issued a letter directing the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance to reinstate Ssali with immediate effect. This decision has reignited controversy merely two months after Parliament approved recommendations to dismiss Ssali from her position due to allegations of abuse of office, in violation of Section 79 of the Public Finance Management Act of 2015. These allegations included charges of negligence of duty.

Geraldine Ssali was implicated in a range of irregularities during her tenure as the accounting officer in the Ministry of Trade. Her reinstatement has sparked outrage among members of Parliament, who see it as a hindrance to accountability and the anti-corruption efforts in government institutions.

In conclusion, the President’s decision to reinstate Ssali has met with criticism from Francis Mwijukye, a member of the trade committee, and other MPs who view the move as a regression in the fight against corruption and maladministration within government institutions.

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