June 24, 2024

Police recovers a stolen gun from a shrine

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In a recent incident, law enforcement authorities in Wakiso district successfully recovered a stolen gun from a shrine, leading to the detention of eight individuals, one of whom is a soldier from the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF).

Police said during the operation, they not only recovered a stolen gun but also many items, including six pairs of uniforms, jackets, shoes, a belt, bag, and cap, all belonging to the UPDF.

However, the recovery operation, conducted by the authorities, resulted in the retrieval of a stolen gun from a shrine in Namusera parish.

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Meanwhile, law enforcement agencies acted swiftly upon receiving information about the stolen firearm being hidden within the confines of the shrine. Their prompt response and coordinated efforts led to the successful recovery of the weapon.

During the operation, a total of eight individuals were taken into custody for further investigation. Notably, one of the detainees was revealed to be a serving UPDF soldier.

The soldier’s involvement in the case raises concerns about potential misuse of military equipment and the need for a thorough investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the stolen firearm’s presence at the shrine.

In conclusion, the recovery of the stolen gun highlights the importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies and the community in combating crime and maintaining public safety.

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