July 15, 2024

I Was Wrong – Omega 256 Apologizes To Bobi Wine

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Western Uganda-based singer Shamim Murerwa, aka Omega 256, has apologized to NUP and Firebase president Bobi Wine. This was over the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), which seems to harbor an anti-Bobi wine base.

However, Omega 256, who was one of those who ferociously hit out at Bobi Wine in the first instance, has apologized. She said that she doesn’t understand how the money is coming into the coffers of the federation.

It should be noted that several singers went on a verbal riot several months ago after Bobi made remarks about the UNMF. Many interpreted his statements as calling them beggars, and they fired back. Since then, the federation has gone about its business, as has the ghetto gladiator.
Once in a while, they do clash, as they did a few days ago.

“Honestly, I really love Bobi Wine, and I have grown up listening to him. My earlier remarks were defending the federation because I believed in it. However, I’m confused about the 18 billion shillings I’m hearing. This is because when we were discussing the copyright law, we didn’t talk about money. It’s this that makes us look like beggars, and maybe Bobi Wine was right. And we just misinterpreted him. So I’m really sorry to him,” she said.

In conclusion, the singer and politician accused his fellow singers of taking part in corruption with the government. This was after he said that musicians are going to pocket 30 billion shillings of taxpayer money. Apparently, the federation’s president, Eddy Kenzo, fired back.

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