June 17, 2024
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The lockdown singer Pius Mayanja commonly known as “Pallaso” who gave a lot of hits during that time has come out to give good news to his fans by telling them that he has bought a new Mercedes Benz. This news was seen on his Twitter account on Thursday.

“Remember during the Covid-19 pandemic, Pallaso released a lot of  hit songs to his fans like malamu, Mpa love, Nalonda nemala“.

Due  to his good hits he produced during the lockdown to his fans , he has been the leading artist being booked around the country. Pallaso is the second expensive artist to be booked for a concert in Uganda.

Uncovered news interacted with Pallaso and he gave a great message to his fans saying that “Just copped a new Benz today. The Beamer was lonely. Hard work don’t Lie. Please leave a congrats message if you (are) happy for the boy,”.

“Remember in May, Pallaso announced that he was to increase his performance charges from Ugandan shillings 10 millions to 15millions claiming that he has invested much in his music career for many years”.Further more, he has been getting  a lot of endorsement deals in the previous years that have changed his life financially making him rich.

Lastly, its really good news in the Team Good Music that the principal has got a Mercedes benz for himself. lets take pleasure here at uncovered news to congulate our boy Pallaso for the great achievement in his life🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️.

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