May 24, 2024

Otafiire:’Stop branding Muslims as terrorists’

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Maj General Kahinda Otafiire, minister of internal affairs has warned all agencies and the general public at large against branding Muslims as terrorists.

Addressing the Muslims during their Eid-al-Adha prayer who had gathered at Nakivubo blue Primary School in Kampala today.

Otafiire told uncovered news reporters that “Its not good to brand our brothers as terrorists because even the holy Quran condemns such acts”.

“All religions are good, but there are bad people within them. Who says Muslims are terrorists? Is Joseph Kony a Muslim?” General Kahinda quarried.

He went on and said the government of Uganda is not against the Muslims, but against thenbad Muslims who do not understand the quran. This is the reason we have all people in the prison, because there are bad Muslims, catholics, Anglicans.

” I recieved a phone call telling how sheik Kamoga had more than 20terrorists at his home because i knew the matter would be solved”.

He added by saying that “I ordered them to ask the boys  if any of them was forcefully recruited at Kamoga’s home because i knew Sheik was just treating them willingly”.

We interacted with Sheik Kamoga and he told us that ” Honorable minister, thanks for coming. Hopefully your physical presence here will end all the rumors and the negativity of how the Tabliqs are very harsh and hostile”.

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