July 20, 2024
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Muidikay Elisabeth was a Congolese musician commonly known  as “Tshala Muana” as her stage name.

Uncovered news interacted with her best friend “Mashala Claude who always stood with her in all situations and she was her producer, told us that Muana died at the age of 65 years  on  Saturday at around 9am in the hospital where she was getting her medication from.

“Remember in the 1980s, she had a brand hit song called karibu Yangu which made her popular to the world as she tried to show them the Mutuashi dance and everyone was happy as they were enjoying her performance on stage,”.

The late Muana started her music career from the Tshe tsheke music band as a dancer. Muidikay was born on 13th May 1958 in Lubumbashi in Congo from the Kasai Region.

“In 1964, when Muana Muidikay was 6 years old, during the Congo crisis Ulelist Maquis murdered her father in the Watsha region,”. This was a sad moment for her where by the child became desparate and she grew up with her mother. The mother tried hard to ensure that the late is firm and health to enable her grow well, but  in 2005 her mother died  and the Late started staying with friends for survival.

“Further more, In June 2020 the late Muana was rumored to have died, but  eventually she had  a stoke where she was taken to the hospital for medication. In November 2020 the same year, she was arrested by the National Intelligence Agency (ANR) over her great hit song “ingratitude” that it was against the government and the song was strictly banded from playing in all radio stations, tv stations and on all social media platforms. Her music was played in the popular Congolese musical film called La vie est tBelle and Aya of Yop in 1987,”and this made Muana very happy and excited because she had been recognized by the public.

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