June 14, 2024
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Source Management C.E.O Lubega Roger, alias Manager Roger, has vented his frustration with ungrateful musicians like Geosteady.

“Manager Roger Man! Oli Wambwa nyo!” Read Geosteady’s statement, loosely translated to mean “Manager Roger is not an easy person to deal with.”

Upon crossing paths with Geosteady’s statement, Roger was infuriated before taking to Instagram and retaliating with a lengthy post.

Yesterday (20 September), Geosteady took to his social media and hinted at a possible discord between him and Spice Diana’s manager, Roger.

However, Manager Roger revealed that he has over the years been monumental in many musicians’ lives, who have even dwelled at his home for several months, but all they paid him was dust and hate.

Roger revealed that recently, he was contacted by Geosteady to render a free service at his just-concluded Buwama concert. However, the “Tokendeeza” singer never turned up at his own concert since he had disagreements with the promoter.

Manager Roger notes that despite Geosteady’s absence, Spice Diana sang for his audience, but they were disgruntled to learn that the Blackman singer had turned to social media to wage a verbal attack on him and his singer.

In conclusion, it is at this point that Manager Roger revealed that he is tired and fed of musicians disrespecting him on a daily basis despite being there for them at times when they needed him most. Read more

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