July 20, 2024

Champion Ogudo’s Father Questions Purpose of His Son’s Concert

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If you thought the feud between Champion Ogudo’s father, Godfrey Kibuuka, and Alien Skin had ended, think again. The self-branded Afrigo has reignited the verbal war. In an interview with BBS Terefayina, Godfrey Kibuuka expressed his dissatisfaction with Alien Skin‘s actions at Geosteady’s concert. He wasn’t impressed with Alien Skin hauling McKats off the stage in his son’s presence.

He questioned the wisdom of exposing his young son to late-night activities and the potential danger of flying objects during the scuffle between Alien Skin and McKats. Mc Kats found an ally in Godfrey Kibuuka, who defended him, emphasizing that despite the criticism, Mc Kats is fighting to ensure his son receives a quality education.

Godfrey Kibuuka didn’t stop there. He also voiced his displeasure about Alien Skin’s decision to hold a concert for Ogudo, with the proceeds intended for building Ogudo’s mother a house. He believed his son was too young to be working for his parents.

In a surprising twist, Champion Ogudo’s father extended an olive branch, urging others to join forces with him in the fight against Alien Skin’s gang, drawing parallels to their past alliance against the Kony rebels. He made it clear that he was prepared to fight alien skin relentlessly, vowing to do so until his last breath. He also threatened to halt Ogudo’s upcoming concert unless his son’s education took precedence. Read more.

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