June 17, 2024
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Lil Pazo Lunabe has denied using alcohol and drugs to hype fans on stage while he is performing. He said that as a Muslim man, he is not allowed to use any alcoholic drinks or even drugs that take away his sobriety.

However, most celebrities, especially musicians, tend to use alcohol and drugs all the time. They claim that these drugs help them stay up for longer hours.

Lil Pazzo told uncoveredug news reporters that “I don’t use alcohol or drugs to get hyped. Witnessing my friends’ lives being ruined after drug use made me think differently. I’m thankful that none of my songs contain any elements that could humiliate anyone.”.

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Furthermore, others say it gives them more energy and takes away the stage fright when they are in public. This is especially true when they are on stage performing for their fans.

According to Lil Pazo, he has been with artists who drink alcohol all the time and are always on drugs. He said he has watched some of his friends lose it because of drugs and alcohol.

It should be noted that there are some musicians who have lost their music careers because of drugs. A few among those include reformed former drug addict Jackie Chandiru, Qute Kaye, Gift Ov Kaddo, and Producer Didi, among others.

In conclusion, the singer revealed that he wants a better future for himself, which is why he chose not to get involved in drugs and alcohol.

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