June 17, 2024

I’m The Real Boss Lady – Catherine Kusasira brags

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Veteran singer Catherine Kusasira has hijacked socialite Zari Hassan’s name, ‘The Boss Lady.’ Kusasira recently opened up in Entebbe and chose what others say is Zari’s name.

However, she was asked if she knew that this alias belonged to Zari. She then said that people should look at her and Zari and decide who is the real boss lady.

Kusasira told uncoveredug news reporters that “I decided to open up this restaurant as my retirement plan, and I don’t want people to start sympathizing with me in my old age if I can’t afford myself. It’s named The Boss Lady, and as an artist, you need to be creative. Those saying that Zari is the boss lady should look at me and her and compare. I’m an investor, and I’m calling upon all people to come and support me.”.

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Additionally, she said that this restaurant is her retirement plan and rallied people to come and support her. While drumming support for it, she said that she cooks the best food in the country. And people should come and check it out.

This is because she’s got the best spices. The same she’s been employing in her music and marriage. She added that even at home, she’s the one who cooks and not the maid.

In conclusion, most former members of Eagles Production seem like they are joining the restaurant business. Mesach Ssemakula has a restaurant in Makindye known as Papa’s Spot. Additionally, Haruna Mubiru also has his own in Makindye, known as H&M. According to Kusasira, the time to transition from mainstream music has knocked on her door.

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