June 24, 2024

Ebola is no more-Dr.Jane Ruth Achneg

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The Kole District Woman MP as well as Ministry of Health Dr.Jane Ruth Acheng who was known in fighting Corona virus in the previous years(2020 and 2021), where by Uganda registering few cases of the virus as well as putting  strict rules by the president to ensure that the virus is defeated.

When Ebola came into Uganda, at first the citizens took it for granted but with time they realized that it was a deadly disease where by most Ugandans lost lives and it led to depopulation in areas of Kasanda and Mubende and a lock down was introduced in those areas to ensure that movements is restricted .

“Ebola virus disease  is a deadly disease with occasional outbreaks that occur mostly on the African continent,”. it  mainly affects people and nonhuman primates like Monkeys.

Ebola Treatment Unit was constructed at Mulago Play grounds  to ensure that people are treated well and are free from the virus and when the Ministry of Health visited the place and thanked the people who have helped in fighting the disease and the place was opened officially for the citizens to go for checks and treatment as well in order to ensure that everyone is safe in the country. The Treatment Unite was constructed by MSF and other partners

“We currently have zero cases of Ebola victims, 142 are the cumulative confirmed cases, 56 confirmed death and 86 are recoveries,” she added.

Here at uncovered news are happy that the Uganda has got a treatment unit which will help citizens to treat the disease and be safe . Thank you Ministry of Health and other parties for building the unit


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