April 24, 2024

Kyambogo University Scraps off Diploma, Certificate Courses

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Kyambogo University has announced a move to scrap a total of 35 (thirty-five) Courses at the diploma and certificate level altogether, Uncovered news has learned.

The scrapping, aimed at focusing the institution on its core strengths in bachelor’s and graduate programs as well as bolstering the quality of the diploma and certificate programs remaining, was announced by the University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Eli Katunguka.

Prof. Katunguka justifies the move, saying that the institution needs to draw its focus on fields or areas that are more productive, given the limited staffing resources at the Banda-based University.

Kyambogo University is currently operating with only 30 percent of its required staff capacity, employing approximately 400 staff members. To bridge the staffing gaps, the university has resorted to hiring part-time lecturers, resulting in a total staff count of over 600.

He further explains that out of the 52 diploma courses that the institution took on at its establishment In 2003, 27 of those have been scrapped as the university moves to restructure.

In addition, eight out of the remaining 25 diploma programs have been put on hold and are subject to reconsideration in the future.
At the moment, 17 diploma courses are valid at the university.

In conclusion, Students seeking to study these courses that have been phased out are advised to apply at different institutions that are still offering them.

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