June 24, 2024

Kigezi leaders seek gov’t to re open the border

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Local leaders from the Kigezi region have asked the government of Uganda to negotiate with the government of Democratic Republic of Congo in order to reopen the boarder again.

Last month more than 50,000 soldiers were deployed in Congo to stabilise peace and unity around the areas of  kisoro.

The re opening of the closed boarder will enable boarder trade to be carried out to enable the government to generate revenue as well as the people around the boarder to earn a living.

Its remembered that in June 2022, the M23 rebels captured the areas of Congo and this led to the closure of the boarder.

The affected district by this occurrence were Kanungu, Kisoro, Ishasha and Kyeshero.

Mr Bizimana told the people around to be calm and wait for the reopening to enable trade to be carried out again.

“We appeal to President Museveni to use the same strategy that was used for the reopening of Ugandan land borders with Rwanda to apply it for the reopening of the Ugandan land borders with the DRC. This will revive the economy in Kisoro and Kanungu districts that has slowed down because of the closed border posts,” He added.

The people around the boarder told us that we are very happy to hear this good news because its going to help us to access basic needs again

In conclusion, we encourage the two governments to negotiate and enable the boarder to be reopen again for ease movements of people and vehicles .

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