June 14, 2024

Kasuku Warns To Do Bad Manners To Full Figure’s Dog

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Kasuku Warns To Do Bad Manners To Full Figure’s Dog. It seems like presidential advisor Nakangubi Jennifer, aka Full Figure’s dog, is not safe at all after Kasuku sent out a warning.

However, the media personality’s real name, Isaac Katende, said that he’s going to teach Full Figure’s dog a lesson. Apparently,the said dog has become a social media sensation.

But it seems Kasuku is tired of this crazyness about the dog and wants it to end. Appearing in a social media video, he warned the dog and its owner.

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Furthermore, he said that he’s going to take Viagra and all kinds of drugs and feed them to his dog. Additionally, he will then drive to Baba TV’s presenter and drop his dog somewhere.

Besides, he doesn’t care whether this dog is male or female. All he wants is for his dog to do Full Figure’s dog all styles and teach it a lesson.

This is after Full Figure instructs his maids to give it yogurt. She added that her dog is a planned one, and now this has become a social media meme

By the time these dogs are done mating, Full Figure’s dog will be destroyed beyond recognition and won’t be craving yogurt anymore. Well, many have termed this the effects of being unemployed.

In conclusion, it should be recalled that Dembe FM, where Kasuku worked, has been closed for about two weeks now. Meanwhile, Full Figure’s better with her dog; otherwise, it will be de-shaped by Kasuku and his dog.

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