June 17, 2024

Its not yet time to give birth to my hubby- Vivian Tendo reveals

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Vivian Tendo has revealed that she and her husband have a timetable for when they will have babies. Speaking to Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie, the singer said that they won’t just give birth without direction. They know when to give birth and at what time.

However, she also talked about the way she met her now-husband. Apparently, it was after the bitter breakup with her then manager, Yesse Oman Rafiki. In the wake of parting ways with the songwriter and producer, a lot of rumors were going on. Yesse had threatened to harm her or even sue her. It was here that this man texted her on Facebook.

The two talked a little bit about the issue, and he assured her that he was there for her if she needed someone to talk to. She didn’t consider it at all and actually severed communication going forward.

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It was later that she texted him again, but their conversation didn’t center around intimacy. But things slowly started falling into place, and as of now, they are husband and wife.

Vivian told uncoveredug news reporters that “me and my man actually have a timetable of when to give birth, and we won’t just produce unintentionally. We actually met through Facebook. At a time, I was living under fear after breaking away from Yesse Oman Rafiki. He texted and gave me support, but we didn’t go further because I didn’t think about it. Later on, I texted him again, and things started falling into place bit by bit.”.

However, later on, he changed and turned into something else. He was like someone she had never met. He became so bitter and threatening. This saw their relationship deteriorate, resulting in them parting ways bitterly.

In conclusion, the singer also highlighted his time with Yesse. She said she met him in 2018. This was at a time when she had fallen out with her dad. The music producer filled in her father’s shoes and looked after her. She said that she felt safe with him and couldn’t put into words what he meant to her.

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