June 17, 2024

Karole Kasita Leaves Policemen Salivating | video)

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Karole Kasita leaves policemen salivating. Songstress Karole Kasita put on an exciting and exhilarating performance yesterday at Kololo independence grounds during police celebrations.

Additionally, the Yaka singer, who is one of the performers of the day, decided to take the entertainment to a maximum level.

She pulled out one of the officers and gave him a moment of his life. Well, this officer didn’t disappoint, as he did CHEKECHA on the energetic performer. Meanwhile, fellow officers cheered him in as he did Mama King barracks things.

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Feeling she couldn’t contain him anymore, Karole Kasita ran away from his claws before he could release his baton. The singer has over the years proved that she’s one of the best stage performers. As soon as she steps on stage, it seems like she’s been possessed by a freakish sort of spirit to perform.

Even her dancers are just like her, and she’s even come under some criticism because some people think she takes it too far. Apparently, Karole, who gave birth about a year ago, is just as fit as a gymnast.

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In conclusion, the things she does on stage leave people agape, wondering if they are the same things she does with rapper Feffe Bussi at home.

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