June 17, 2024

Jimmy Akena urges govt to focus on social welfare in 2024

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The President of the Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party, Mr. Jimmy Akena, has called on the government to prioritize the social welfare of Ugandans in the coming year.

However, Akena emphasized that Ugandans are the country’s most valuable asset and that their well-being should be paramount. He urged the government to focus on improvements in healthcare, education services, and livelihood programs for the population.

Akena told us that “many of the schools that have been there over a period of years are no longer what they used to be. We used to have quality schools in every region where somebody was able to get a quality education, but now it is narrowing.”.

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He made the remarks at the party’s head offices in Kampala while delivering his end-of-year message to Ugandans.

He explained that a vibrant economy necessitates significant investment in education. This would equip learners with access to equitable and quality education, empowering them to succeed in the competitive job market, according to Akena.

He further urged the government to create a favorable environment in the agricultural sector to enable farmers to penetrate regional markets.

In conclusion, Akena also demanded that the government address critical issues in the healthcare sector. He called for adequate medical supplies in health facilities and emphasized the need to address the issue of low salaries for Ugandan medical workers.

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