June 17, 2024

I Don’t Know If the late Sobi had Changed – Luke Owoyesigyire

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Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire has spoken about the life of late city gangster “Sobi” Paddy Serunjoji. He said he didn’t think he had changed by the time of his death.

However, Sobi, who was known as a thug around Kampala, came out and confessed that he is among the people who have been giving Ugandans, especially those in Kampala, sleepless nights.

By the time he confessed, he said he was ready to change, and he wasn’t looking at going back into his past. He appeared on different media platforms, speaking about his life and how he had changed, but proved otherwise when he died.

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According to Luke Owoyesigyire, people usually change when they grow old, but he doesn’t think Sobi has changed.

Owesigye told us that “a lot of people have been seen changing. People change; some change because of age, but with Sobi, I don’t really know if he has  changed.”

He said the late wasn’t related to any of the family members involved in the land. He doesn’t know what he was doing in Gomba at the time of his death.

In conclusion, he was killed in Gomba by a mob after he went with a number of other guys to grab land. It is said that he was paid by someone to go and destroy people’s property.

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