July 15, 2024

Zari Hassan to force her Sons out Of her house Next Year

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Zari Hassan, aka Zari the boss lady, is set to force her older sons to move out of her house next year. She said they are old enough, and she thinks it is time to go independent as they start life on their own.

Zari told us that “I have so many cars at home, and my boys too have cars. That’s where the problem comes in. They don’t listen to me, but they are going to learn a lesson. They are old enough, and next year they will need to move out and be independent.”

However, the socialite has five children, three from her previous marriage with the late tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga. The other two young ones are from Tanzanian star Diamond Platinumz.

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The two older ones are old enough to be independent, but they still reside at their mother’s house with the young ones.

In an interview with a local radio station, she said the two older boys have their own cars. She said they don’t listen to her sometimes because they are old.

According to the boss lady, her sons need a lesson, and they will understand after she gets them their own apartments where they will be independent.

In conclusion, Zari one day recorded a video arguing with one of her sons about the parking spot at her home. She said they take up most of the space, and she doesn’t know where to park her own cars.

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