June 17, 2024

Felista Di Superstar Gives Young Celebrities Advise

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Felista Di Superstar has given fellow young celebrities advice on how to spend their time during this holiday. She said it is not okay for them to just sit down and watch their parents do everything for them; they need to learn how to do their chores.

However, the father had another young girl with a different woman, but the lady took her away from him. Like any other young, growing girl, Felista Di Superstar is learning how to do certain things at home. She is now in Form 2 and ready to grow up.

She told one of our senior news reporters, Ivan, that “I am a celebrity, but as a young girl, I have learned to do all the work that needs to be done. I do my chores, cook, and clean, and that’s what I would want fellow young celebrities to do. It is not hard to do work and get to music  later.”

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Felista stays with a single father, who has been her manager ever since she started singing. The mother and father separated when she was still a young baby.

Apparently, in her recent interview, she talked about how she spends her day during the holidays. She said she doesn’t care about being a celebrity; she does the work she is supposed to do.

In conclusion, she said she washes, cooks, cleans, and even reads her books. But as a singer, Felista Di Superstar said she also gets time to go to studios to do her music.

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