July 15, 2024

Transport Fares Increased Ahead of Christmas

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Transporters plying different upcountry routes have continued to hike transport fares ahead of Christmas, slated for Monday next week. When reporters from the Uncovered ug visited different parks and bus terminals in the city, they discovered that the majority of the operators had increased transport fares by between Shs5,000 and Shs10,000.

One of the taxi drivers at the Old Taxi Park, Mr. Erick Ssenoga, said, “The reason we increase the transport is because it covers us as we are coming back from those long routes to Kampala. We almost come back with empty seats because few people are coming to the city while many are heading  upcountry.

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However, by 9:30am, only two Link buses were seen parked in the Kisenyi terminal. It was established that most of the buses had left for upcountry, while others were still on their way to Kampala.

Mr. Alinde told us that “we increased by Shs10,000 because, about three days ago, the number of passengers coming from upcountry was increasingly reducing. We were left with no option but to increase, given the fact that we cannot make money from there. If we reach a level where we hardly get people coming to Kampala, we shall add another Shs5,000 or Shs10,000 for those leaving Kampala.”.

He added that the transport fares to Kasese had increased from Shs45,000 to Shs55,000. Fort Portal fares now stand at Shs50,000, up from Shs40,000, and to Bweera it is Shs60,000. Meanwhile, in Bundibugyo, it is Shs55,000. To Hoima is now Shs35,000, up from Shs25,000.

Hundreds of passengers, armed with travel bags, were seen standing within the terminal. Others were crowded at the transport clearance office as they made their way to payment.

At Kisenyi Bus Park, the mood was still dull. Few customers were seen boarding buses heading to their respective destinations upon clearing with the cashiers.
Mr. Twaha Ssemanda, an employee of Goldline Express, said the transport fare to Ibanda was hiked from Shs40,000 to Shs60,000. Mubende rose from Shs20,000 to Shs25,000, Kanungu from Shs50,000 to Shs80,000, and South Susan from Shs100,000 to Shs140,000.

Travelers heading to the eastern and northern parts of the country also have to dig deep into their pockets. The journey from Kampala to Mbale, Kumi, Soroti, Buduka, and Tirinyi has increased from Shs25,000 to Shs35,000 on Gateway and YY coaches.

In conclusion, transport fares from Kampala to Kotido have increased from Shs30,000 to Shs40,000 and from Gulu from Shs35,000 to Shs45,000. Lira from Shs40,000 to Shs55,000 and Arua from Shs60,000 to Shs80,000

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