April 24, 2024

Kenneth Mugabi Is Nowhere Near Me As Guitarist – Aziz Azion

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Veteran singer Aziz Azion has claimed that fellow singer Kenneth Mugabi is nowhere near him as one of the best guitarists in the country. It should be noted that Nkwegomba is one of the most talented yet underrated musicians in the country.

His expertise, especially with the guitar, puts him in a class of his own. Many musicians have always sought his services for their songs and even live music performances.

Aziz Azion, however, said that Mugabi’s game is still below his. And if they put them on the same table, the Naki singer is his student.

“First and foremost, I want to categorically state that I’m in a class of my own when it comes to the guitar. Not even Kenneth Mugabi can compare with me. Actually, he’s a student to me. I’m not trying to undermine him, but he also knows the truth. I’m number one in the country.”

“I also want to warn all those who might get tempted to hijack my November 4th date. You know I’m not a person for stunts, and if you try to do me dirty, it will be game over for you,” the singer said.

Furthermore, he also sent out a warning to all those musicians who might hijack his November 4 concert date. After a long time in music limbo, the singer is trying to resurface with his career.

And on that particular date, he will be holding his first concert in a long time. As is the norm with most musicians always putting up concerts on the same day as others, the R&B crooner warned them not to.

In conclusion, the Oxygen singer further cemented himself as the number one guitarist in the country, adding that he’s in a league of his own.


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