July 20, 2024

Bajjo quits federation (UNPF) over ‘Muhoozi Cash’

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Events promoter Andrew Mukasa Alphonse, better known as Andrew Bajjo, has resigned from the leadership of the Uganda National Promoter’s Federation (UNPF).

Bajjo has been serving in the federation as its chairman, in charge of research and development.

In his resignation letter, Bajjo said the new federation has diverted from the principles that brought the two associations together.

He claimed that the association has been infiltrated by party politics, especially from the camp of the First Son, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Yesterday, July 15, Bajjo, who is also the proprietor of Bajjo Promotions Ltd., tendered his resignation from the federation, citing political infiltration.

However, UNPF was formed through a merger of the Uganda Music Promoters and Venue Owners Network (UMPVONET) and the National Promoters Association (NPA).

In a livestream later, Bajjo claimed that political forces were pumping money into the federation leadership and using this leverage to fight musicians and promoters who are deemed to be pro-opposition.

“UNPF was meant to be non-partisan in politics, a neutral ground not leaning on any political interest,” Bajjo wrote.

“But after doing my research as Chairman of the Research and Development Committee, I have found out that a different agenda has been adopted, which is pushing forward the Muhoozi Project, something I highly disassociate with because of the neutrality our Federation and as promoters should keep in order to ensure progressive ideas.”

“Thus, based on these anomalies in the Federation’s mission, I shall not be a part of this quackery and clown world portrayed in this shadow federation that is purely political. I forfeit my responsibilities and regrettably leave behind my colleagues, as there is clearly no other solution. I will join any other federation that is non-partisan.”

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