July 15, 2024

Full Figure Anticipates Kaiyz Kawalya’s Death

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Singer and presidential advisor Jennifer Full Figure recently shared her disappointment regarding former Next Media entertainment journalist Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz. In a live Facebook broadcast, Full Figure expressed her frustration with Kaiyz’s decision to resign from his position at Sanyuka TV and move to America, claiming that she had predicted this outcome.

Full Figure conveyed her strong resentment towards Kaiyz, accusing him of damaging people’s reputations and brands in exchange for meager amounts of money paid to spread false reports. She emphasized that she would never forgive Kaiyz for besmirching her name during his tenure at Sanyuka TV.

It is worth noting that Full Figure has had numerous confrontations with various individuals in the entertainment industry throughout the years, due to defamatory reports associated with her identity. She has even taken legal action against some of them, resulting in their imprisonment.

Additionally, Jennifer Full Figure’s disappointment with Isaac Kawalya Kaiyz stems from his resignation and relocation, which she claims to have foreseen. Full Figure’s resentment towards Kaiyz is fueled by the belief that he tarnished people’s reputations for trivial financial gain. While she has faced similar issues with others in the industry, Kaiyz holds a special place in her list of unforgivable individuals.

Full Figure declared that she would attend Kaiyz’s funeral, not to mourn his passing, but to confirm that he is gone forever. She made it clear that her grudge was exclusively directed at Kaiyz, although she did mention two other journalists whom she vowed never to forgive.

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