April 24, 2024

Arrest commercial charcoal dealers – NEMA

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The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has come out to order the arrest of charcoal dealers.

NEMA has told that public that these dealers have done a great job in the reduction of trees in the environment where by clearing the sorrounding  trees for charcoal burning.

The environmentalist and the local people should be vigrant to report the police men who deal with these charcoal dealer transporter.

If you compare the previous years and the current years, the statistics show that the rate of tree reduction is the environment is increasing at 65%.

The changes in the climate have come due to the increasing number of tree cutting in the environment.

The National Environment Act, No.5 of 2019 Schedule 5, states that the commercial charcoal production as an activity that requires mandatory Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA).

In uganda, most people in the charcoal business have no the ESIA to operate, they tend to work illegally.

We got a chance and interacted with some people about the act issued by NEMA and they told us that “The act is good but the fact is that most people¬† in the country have no jobs so they tend to cut trees to acquire firewood and sometimes burn charcoal to enable them get money as a way of living”.

In conclusion, we encourage NEMA and the local people to co-operate to reduce on tree cutting in the environment.

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