May 24, 2024

ACRAM GUMISIRIZA withdraws UGX 7M from a friend’s account

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Acram Gumisiriza, who is Hajjat Kulthum Nabunya’s husband, has been accused of engaging in illegal activities involving the retrieval of funds from a friend’s mobile device.

According to Bukedde TV’s Lugambo show, Acram Gumisiriza, in a breach of trust, exploited his position or knowledge to gain unauthorized access to a friend’s mobile device.

This breach allowed him to manipulate the financial applications or accounts linked to the device, enabling him to retrieve funds worth Ugx 7 million.

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Apparently, the motive behind Acram Gumisiriza’s alleged actions remains unclear, but it is speculated that personal financial gain or a desire to exploit the vulnerability of his friend played a significant role.

The alleged incident revolves around unauthorized access to the personal financial information of a colleague, leading to the unlawful withdrawal of funds without their knowledge or consent.

Acram Gumisiriza allegedly utilized various mobile money agents to withdraw the funds, as per the circulating rumors.

In conclusion, here at uncoveredug, we are currently unaware if the complainant has taken legal action against Acram for his fraudulent behavior. However, we will provide updates on the situation as more information becomes available.

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