June 14, 2024


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Renowned video jokes VJ Junior, real name Mary Smarts Matovu, is on the spot over snubbing a school event and compelling kids to destroy property.

Vj Junior is one of the celebrated video jockeys in Uganda who has stood the test of time in translating English movies into Luganda.

According to a promoter, Didas Ssekiwunga of Didas Events, he acknowledged VJ Junior reaching the school on time, but he was advised to wait until visitation Day ends before he could commence with his movie translation event.

However, for reasons best known to him, VJ Junior traced the school exit and returned to Kampala with his team.

Mastering his craft has seen him bag gigs countrywide, including the one he snubbed on Sunday, July 9, 2023, at St. Jude Secondary School in Masaka.

In his defense, VJ Junior revealed that he arrived at the school on time and waited for more than five hours since the promoter had not set up the equipment for the event yet and he had other events to render his services to.

Additionally, VJ Junior stated that he is prepared to provide a statement to the police and provide his account of events.
While taking part in an interview, the promoter claimed that over 1,400 students became irate upon learning that VJ Junior was a no-show at the event, and a stampede ensued as they rioted and demanded their money.

He filed a police case under reference 38/11/07/2023 in an effort to get justice. Didas urged VJ Junior to refund his money because he had cleared him to a zero balance, and he will have to apologize to the school administration for the disappointment.

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