July 15, 2024

Trade Minister Backs UNBS to Protect Ugandan Consumers

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Gen. Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, Minister of State for Trade, has reaffirmed his commitment to bolster UNBS activities aimed at facilitating trade, enhancing Uganda’s product competitiveness, and safeguarding consumers against substandard goods.

During his inaugural visit to the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) headquarters in Bweyogerere, the minister pledged unwavering support.

Acknowledging the challenges highlighted by UNBS Acting Executive Director Daniel Richard Makayi Nangalama regarding inadequate budget and manpower hindering effective mandate execution, Gen. Mbadi stressed the urgent need for government intervention. He underscored the pivotal role of UNBS in ensuring product quality, both domestically and internationally, and in curbing the proliferation of substandard items.

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Highlighting the adverse effects of delayed services on the business community due to financial constraints, Gen. Mbadi emphasized the necessity of revising UNBS’s funding model. He assured proactive measures to address these issues, advocating for timely financial disbursements to expedite service delivery and alleviate business costs.

Expressing concern over fraudulent practices compromising product integrity, Gen. Mbadi urged stringent measures against perpetrators. He emphasized UNBS’s critical role in national security and economic transformation, stressing the indispensable nature of its services in propelling Uganda’s economy towards significant growth.

However, Gen. Mbadi urged UNBS personnel to uphold integrity and diligence in their duties to instill confidence among stakeholders. He pledged to advocate for increased budgetary allocations to UNBS to enable it to fulfill its mandate effectively.

In conclusion, the Minister’s commitment underscores the government’s dedication to fostering trade, ensuring product quality, and safeguarding consumer interests in Uganda.

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