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The internet has been on shake since morning after a viral video showing a son seducing and later fucks his real mother. The boy had a big cassava and the mom enjoyed it.

The mom aged 34 years had sex with his first son of 18 years old in the bed room. At first the mom wanted to refuse but when the boy continued on seducing her, she had to surrender her heart to enjoy the big cassava of the son. The woman claimed that her husband does not give her time for sex so he had appetite for it and when the son seduced her she had to accept to reduce  on her desire for sex.

People have been realizing videos, but this one has sealed the 2022 calendar in style which has left the viewers to also learn the skills on how the boy was turning the mother right, left while the mom was screaming loudly telling the son “push it harder my son but don’t cum inside me” and the boy was pumping tubelessly the fruit of his mother.


Uncovered news interacted with lady and they told her to compare the dad and the son. The mother concluded by saying the son is the best. What a talented son my boy is!

I have learnt that sex is just leisure time and I have noticed that sleeping with mom is fine to some people. To some cultures, sleeping with your mother is prohibited and abnormal but nowadays sex is having fun


written by @enock katamba

Mr. katamba Enock: Professional designer with experience in web designing who started this activity in 2016 at Kyambogo University. Contact me on : (+256-758287080)

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