July 15, 2024

Singer Zinc Reveals Why She Had Biswanka Arrested

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Upcoming female singer Zinc has revealed why she had another upcoming singer,Biswanka, arrested. Biswanka spent the entire weekend behind bars, and many people have been wondering why he was incarcerated.

According to Zinc, the two linked up to work on a song together. They first did it, but Biswanka ghosted her and refused to complete the song.

She took to pleading with him and even contemplated releasing it without giving it the final touches. However, the Ontunulemu singer said that he would discredit it and tell the public that his voice is AI-generated.

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Finally, they composed, and the former Fangone Forest singer asked for Shs 500,000 to have the song completed.

The two then met at a studio, and he got paid the money. The song was finally completed, but Zinc agreed with the producer to take the song to a more experienced producer for a review. She chose Brian Beats and took it there.

A few days after that, Zinc later heard the song playing on the airwaves, as Biswanka had released it. Besides, he had erased some of her verses and made them seem like his. She felt disheartened and disappointed since she had invested a lot in it.

Quickly, she went and picked the song from Brian Beats. She then called Biswanka, but he had blocked her on all social media pages.

With no option left, she released her own version, and Biswanka called her, asking her why she had done what she had done. He told her that she should have waited for his verdict. At this point, she was boiling with rage.

Biswanka took to social media and started insulting her. She decided that enough was enough and had him arrested.

Zinc said that all along she had been hearing negative stories about him but got a taste for it herself. She described the singer as a young, disrespectful boy who thinks he made it.

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