July 15, 2024

Prima Kadarshi explains why she dumped Mr. Henrie

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Prima Kardashi has finally revealed the real reason why she dumped her ex-boyfriend, Galaxy FM presenter Mr. Henrie.

However, she said there wasn’t anything wrong with him, like they were saying in the media to make him look like he was a bad person.

When they finally separated, Prima Kardashi found her way to be a happy single lady, and that is how she ended up with Mr. Henrie. She had moved with the two children, and her ex didn’t have access to them.

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Ugandans were already criticizing the new relationship, calling Mr. Henrie a house boy who looks after the children.

One year into the relationship, Prima and Mr. Henrie called it quits. But the radio presenter said he didn’t know the reason why he was dumped. Prima only told him that he was too good, and she didn’t want to hurt him because of their past relationship.

According to Prima, that wasn’t the reason. She said she left Mr. Henrie because she wasn’t ready for the relationship. She said she wasn’t emotionally okay, and there was no way she was going to give love to someone else.

She told uncovered news reporters that “people have always asked me why I left Mr. Henrie. To be honest, he was a good person to me, but I wasn’t ready for the relationship. I feared hurting him at some point, and that is why I left him.”.

In conclusion, the two dated for only one year. Their dating life started when the socialite separated from her long-time baby daddy, singer Geosteady. Her marriage was apparently very toxic, including violence and cheating on the part of the man.

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