July 20, 2024

Sheebah argues Cindy to produce the booking receipt

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Former Team No Sleep sensation Sheebah Karungi has thrown down the gauntlet to her longtime rival, Cindy Sanyu, urging her to produce the booking receipt for Kololo Independence Grounds. The two singers have been embroiled in an online war of words over the iconic venue in recent weeks.

Yesterday, amidst her hectic schedule, Sheebah made time to address the media at the elegant New Buziga Sunshine Hotel. During the press event, she discussed various topics, including the ongoing clash with Cindy over the prestigious venue.

Additionally, Taking to her social media handles, Sheebah was the first to disclose her grand plans for the year’s end: a spectacular music festival called Yolo Festival. However, shortly after her announcement, Cindy held a press conference where she revealed her intentions to host her own ‘Comeback’ concert at the same venue and on the same dates.

In a bold move, the self-proclaimed Karma Queen openly challenged Cindy to present her booking receipts to the media as concrete evidence of reserving the venue. Sheebah Karungi firmly believes that Cindy Sanyu’s claims of securing the Kololo Independence Grounds lack any basis.

In conclusion, As the public eagerly waits for Cindy’s response, the tension between these two music powerhouses continues to escalate. Only time will tell how this fierce battle for the coveted venue will unfold. Stay tuned for further updates as the drama unfolds.

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