April 24, 2024
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The Abtex Promotions that has been managing the contract of the popularly singer “Serena Bata” has terminated her contract saying she is not acting in a good manner.

Serena Bata was allegedly seen on camera smoking shisha in public, which is against the terms of the contract they signed, according to Abtex promotions thus will lead to poor music.

She secretly performed at a music festival without Abtex Promotions’ knowledge.

Bata found the news upsetting, particularly the way her contract had been terminated

She reacted right after, pleading with her boss Abbey Musunguzi to handle the situation appropriately and stating that it was unethical to stab her on social media.

Abtex promotions I have respect for you personally and especially for the entire management.

But I humbly ask that you treat this properly, as we did from the beginning, and avoid posting about it on social media.

Serena Bata is anticipated to appear at some of the shows where he had previously been scheduled before being fired

Though it is uncertain whether Abtex will give her another chance. In this case,the happiest person is his former boss Sipapa 


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