June 14, 2024

Schaumburg building destroyed by fire

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In Chicago, the Schaumburg business building  caught fire leaving all business premises in the area burnt during Thursday night.

Today  morning our news reporter in Chicago told us that the Fire officials will continue to investigate for the hotspot and they will determine if the building was structurally sound.

The fire broke out in the building of the Industrial area on Lunt Avenue at around 18:00 hours on Thursday and it took three hours to get the fire under control to ensure that it stops burning because it was damaging a lot of properties in the building.

Our news reporter in Chicago also told us that the walls of the structural building collapsed which made them to limit the control of the fire because the walls were broken down and this eased the movement of the fire in the building which made more properties to get damaged.

We tried hard to reach Gus Tsoulos one of the Administrators  and he told us “The building is separated into many different compartments so we had a lot of access issues to get to the fire from the front end or the back,” . No one was injured during this scenario of the fire out break because they tried to call 911 quickly. What a great loss to the Schaumburg business building.

Here at uncovered news we shall keep updating you on what caused the outbreak of fire  in the building and how they will solve the damaged assets just keep visiting the wesite

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