June 24, 2024

Prince Omar Publicly Dumps Baby Mama Grace Khan

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Prince Omar has publicly dumped baby mama Grace Khan, saying he is in love again but not with her. Omar and Khan have had a dramatic relationship for a while.

However, it started when Grace Khan got pregnant during the COVID-19 lockdown. She told the media that the guy behind her pregnancy is a fellow singer, Omar. When he was asked, he denied any involvement with her. Omar said he didn’t know her. He just sees her on television like any other musician, but they have never had any intimacy.

Grace Khan continued to look after her daughter as a single mother until this year, when Omar decided to get back into her life.

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Furthermore, Grace Khan confirms being under the care of Bad Black. Additionally, Grace, Khan is posing for a snap with her and Prince Omar’s son.

Unfortunately, the relationship was short-lived because of so many rumors surrounding the couple. Grace spoke ill about Prince Omar, saying he is a good person, but his family uses him in satanic rituals. When Prince Omar’s parents heard of the audio, they were very angry, and rumors had it that they had decided to fly Prince Omar out of the country, far away from Grace Khan.

In conclusion, no one knows the whereabouts of Omar, but he is active on social media. He posted that he is currently in love again, but not with baby mama Grace Khan.

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