July 15, 2024

Prima Kardashi is Lonely And Unwell- Mr. Henrie says

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News reaching our platform says Mr. Henrie thinks his ex-lover, Prima Kardashi, is lonely and unwell. This followed the socialite’s recent comments about her relationship with the Galaxy FM presenter. Prima said that her relationship with him was never genuine.

However, she was trying to see if it could help her get over her ex and baby daddy, Geosteady. However, she was not fully invested in it, and this is why it suffered a premature death.

When they asked Henrie about this, the media personality said that he saw the video in which she was making these remarks. The first thing, however, that caught his eye was the place she recorded the video from. Besides, her eyes didn’t look fine. It seems she was intoxicated and speaking out of influence.

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Furthermore, he hopes that she’s well and not battling any depression or stress disorders. According to the radio presenter, she missed out on the real deal since he had a lot of plans in store for her.

Mr. Henrie told uncoveredug news reporters that “I saw the video in which she was making these remarks. However, I noticed the state of her eyes and the place she recorded it from. She didn’t seem to be well. Her comments show a sign of loneliness, but she can always come, and we vibe. Besides, I hope she’s not having any mental stress disorders.”.

In conclusion, Mr. Henrie said that the multi-billion-dollar empire he had envisaged doing with her has already kicked off. The tours and travel company is doing just fine, as are other business ventures.

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