April 13, 2024

Pastor Jengo Accused Of Selling Late Pastor Yiga’s Property

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Pastor Andrew Jengo is in the media once again on accusations of selling his late father’s property, Pastor Yiga.

However, one of the daughters said that, as children, they are left with nothing, yet their father worked hard for them to live a good life.

Pastor Jengo was left as the next of kin and the heir to the property. All the responsibility for the young, unknown children was left in his hands. Unfortunately, by the time of Pastor Yiga’s death, he also had so many debts in most businesses.

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Remember, Pastor Yiga died in 2020; by then, his only known child was Andrew Jengo. He was ministering with him in the same church in Kawaala.

According to Jengo, he wasn’t aware until some of the debts and business partners of his father also started becoming a problem.

First, he lost the television that was known as ABS Television because of the debts. The young pastor also struggled with the widows and baby mamas of his late father, Pastor Yiga.

“I am one of the children of the late Pastor Yiga, and our brother Pastor Jengo has sold everything. We are in debt, and we have no property left for us.”.

In conclusion, they asked for so much that he couldn’t afford it, and it became a problem. Now one of the older daughters has also come out and claimed that she has sold everything. She said she needs help because, as kids, they have so many debts and all the property is getting sold off.

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