April 13, 2024

Prima Kardashi calls ‘kukyala Nakubwa’ New Song trash

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Prima Kardashi has no kind words for TNS’ 6 Killaz’s new song, titled Kukyala Nakubwa. These women, namely Ava Peace, Nandor, Zafaran, Jowy Landa, Nina Roz, and Recho
It was released earlier this week and is already making controversies but not for the right reasons.

Kardashi expressed her disappointment in the singing group. She advised them to up their song writing skills because they really performed below par.

However, the song has “amateurish” lyrics according to the people who have listened to it. Many have already come out to express their disappointment in how 6 women can team up to sing ‘trash.’ Among these was singer Geosteady’s baby mama and ex Prima Kardashi.

“6 young artists came together to sing rubbish. The young generation is so disappointing and no one can compare to Qing Madi. Up your pens Bambi,” she told them.
Well, as soon as she aired this social media post, many people agreed with her take. However, some of the singers in this song didn’t. They quickly attacked her and started insulting her.

According to Nandor, Prima uses ‘Carolight’ to cook her Lusaniya food. Carolight is a cosmetic product that is used in bleaching skins and Prima has always admitted to bleaching.

According to her, many kids who are growing up look up to such women and their message should matter. She went ahead to compliment these artists but maintained that the song is trash.

In conclusion, In her defense, Prima said that she is notb attacking these musicians. She was however disappointed in the content of the song which translates to ‘they are only left to party and get high.’

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