June 24, 2024

Rema Shakes Fat Nyash In Front Of Dr Hamza

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Rema shakes Fat Nyash. It seems like social media users are not about to stop taunting singer Eddy Kenzo about whatever good things his ex and baby mama Rema receive.

This is despite the two parting ways years ago and Rema getting married to Dr. Hamza Ssebunya about 4 years ago.

However, Rema shared a video of her shaking her fat NYASH in front of her husband, Dr. Hamza Ssebunya, as their friends cheered them on. Hamza also looked at his baby mama with hunger as she danced for him.

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Without a doubt, the Tony’s singer looks very beautiful nowadays. She’s put on Nyash, and despite giving birth to two kids already, she’s a hottie. All the deep love she used to sing about, she finally found in her husband.

And this is always used to taunt Kenzo. Many accuse the Big Talent boss of not treating his baby mama well and giving her the love she craved. Apparently, the BET Award winner is a love nigga who was definitely not ready to settle down.

Kenzo, meanwhile, has always wished well and shown support for his ex. In fact, he now seems to be friends with Rema’s husband. All the trouble and the conversations that come up about these two are usually stirred up by the social media in-laws.

In conclusion, he’s been linked to several babies, including fellow musicians such as Lydia Jazmine and Carol Nantongo, among others. However, he’s yet to settle down, despite Rema moving on years ago.

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