June 17, 2024

Grenade Official Has No Music At The Moment – Fik Fameica

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Singer Fik Fameica has dissed fellow singer Grenade Official. He said they are not friends and they will never be.

Additionally, he made this statement following Grenade Official’s shady move of posting a video on Instagram of themselves while in a verbal fight with Sheilah Gashumba.

However, this happened a few months ago, and Fik Fameica looks not to be ready to forgive Grenade or even hang out with him like they used to.

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Then Grenade was also rumored to have dated Sheilah Gashumba at some point in his life before she got into a relationship with Rickman Manrick.

Furthermore, the radio presenter said she has never dated Grenade. Maybe they did date in his dream and not in reality. After all those allegations, Fik Fameica, who used to hang out with Grenade, distanced himself from him.

In a recent interview, Fik Fameica revealed that Grenade Official looks to have declined in his music career. That is one of the main reasons he resorted to telling lies and hating fellow artists who are doing so much better than him at the moment.

Fik Fameica told uncoveredug news reporters that “I wouldn’t like to be talking about Grenade Official, but we all know he doesn’t do music at the moment. People should know there are big musicians like us and upcoming”.

In conclusion, Fik Fameica and Sheilah were rumored to be dating at the beginning of his career. Both denied the allegations, saying they were just friends.

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